How do you keep cats away?


Spraying cats with a hose or water gun keeps them at bay. Scarecrow sprinklers work as well. Commercial cat repellents scare cats away by mimicking the scents of other animals. The Coleus canina plant is known for its effectiveness as a natural cat repellent.

Rue, pennyroyal and lavender repel cats from any area. Mothballs can be used, but they are toxic and should be placed in a jar with holes poked in the lid. Blood meal fertilizer is a sticky substance that cats avoid.

Cats loathe rough surfaces that contain pine cone cuttings with sharp edges. Clippings from holly leaves and rose bushes are alternatives. Stone mulch makes it harder for cats to dig around and relieve themselves.

Gardeners can distract cats by planting catnip to restrict the cats to a designated area. Building a sandbox near the catnip plants is another way to create a private sanctuary. Motion-based ultrasound detectors scare cats away. These detectors emit a high-pitched frequency that cats detest, but the sound is inaudible to humans.

Washing urine-soaked areas prevents cats from returning to remark the areas with their urine. Enzyme-based odor neutralizers work best. Avoid bleach, because the smell attracts cats. If possible, find the owners of the cat, and politely request that they confine the animal.

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