How to Knock a Person Out?


To knock a person out you can take off your gym socks and put your foot under their nose. If you're the violent type then you could knock someone out with a heavy blow. But, I'd rather see you do the sweat sock thing!
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A light tap to the temple region of the cranium, a sudden blow to the head, or a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) can cause unconsciousneess.
Try to open the door. If it is locked, wait or find another bathroom. Knocking may be interpreted as rushing. If you discover someone in an unlocked bathroom, apologize briefly and
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Knocking someone is very dangerous no matter how it's done. You can punch someone to knock them out. You can also hit them and knock them out. ...
It is illegal to knock anyone out, unless you are boxing, or in self defense. If you take self defense courses, they can teach you ways to defend yourself. ...
You can hit a person in the forehead to knock them out. You can also hit them in the back of the head to knock them out. Also you can hit them in the throat. ...
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