How is a football laced?


According to Popular Science, the official NFL football made by Wilson since 1941 has been laced and branded in a single manufacturing plant in Ada, Ohio, since 1955. The Wilson game balls are hand-laced to ensure that a quality football is produced.

To lace a football at home, a shoelace can be used. Start with the fist hole on one end. Push the shoelace down through this hole and then push the other end of the lace down through the first hole on the opposite side. Pull each side until the lace is taut. Continue down the football using a crisscross pattern of lacing, similar to how shoes are laced. Be sure to lace tightly. Once the last hole is reached, push the remaining ends back through the laces toward the center of the lacing, then tuck beneath. Use tweezers for assistance.

Ten Wilson footballs are made from a single cowhide. Each ball is made of four panels and one piece of lace woven through 16 holes. The four panels are sewn together, holes are punched for the lace, a rubber bladder is inserted and then the ball is laced and inflated to 13 PSI. The Wilson manufacturing plant makes more than 700,000 footballs each year.

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