How to Leave Your Husband?


To leave your husband, you can just pack your bags and go. Before going, figure out what reasons you have for running away. If he is physically abusing you, be sure to seek help from family and your community. You can find more information here:
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How to Leave Your Husband
Your marriage has seen better days. You are considering ending a relationship that has fallen to the wayside. You and your husband no longer communicate with each other and your differences are too much to overcome. You see no hope of reconciliation, you... More »
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1. Explain to your husband how you feel about the cheating situation. Tell him exactly how it made you feel and why it is not okay. Let him know that he has betrayed you in the worst
1. Decide leaving the marriage is what you really want. The timeframe on this varies and it may take several years to finally become comfortable to end it. 2. Keep your decision to
ANSWER well, sometimes they become gay, they found another woman, they have lost intrest, sex is not good enough (lol), and other reasons Answer == Answer == they may leave for another
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To prepare to leave your husband, create a financial portrait of one's marriage. Sever one's financial relationship with one's husband. Stop using any joint accounts ...
If your husband does something that is so unforgivable that you want to leave him, you should first make sure you have a place to go. You should consult a lawyer ...
You can pack all your things and go see a lawyer. Get the lawyer to type up the papers and have them served to your husband. Once the divorce is final you will ...
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