How to Lose 60 Pounds in a Month?


Sixty pounds in one month is extreme but possible if you are extremely obese. If you weigh 500 lbs it may be possible. You will want to cut down on your eating and sodium. Drink a lot of water and try to exercise at least two hours a day.
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1. Buy a food journal at the bookstore. You can also use a three-ring binder from home and fill it with paper. Write down your weight-loss goals and begin tracking everything you
It is impossible to lose 60 pounds in a month and very very unhealthy! You can get sick and go to hospital. You should lose only 20 pounds a month at the most. You can also go on
Here is my chart for proof it can be done in 10 months. What you don't see pictured here is the 35 pounds I lost the first two months before I started logging my weight regularly
Obesity is a state in which the natural energy stored in the fatty tissue of the
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To lose 60 pounds in a month will most likely not be possible. It would be very unhealthy to try. It's best to try to lose about 3 pounds a week. Do this by avoiding junk food and sugar. Drink lots of water. Get as much exercise each day as you possibly can.
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If you want to lose 60 pounds fast and do it in a healthy way, here is what to do. Work on your eating habits, you need to decrease caloric intake and eat healthy ...
To lose 20 pounds in a month you will need to avoid all junk food and sugar. Eat lean protein and veggies. Have fruit for dessert. Get at least 30 minutes or more ...
To lose 15 pounds in a month you need to cut out all junk foods, sugar and high fats. Eat lean protein and veggies. Drink plenty of water. Get at least 30 minutes ...
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