How do you make apple wine from fresh apples?


An easy recipe for Apple Wine calls for 1 gallon water, 6 lbs apples, 1 lb chopped up raisins and 3 lbs sugar. The apples are boiled with the water, sugar is added and then it must ferment for several days. Check out this link for a detailed recipe.
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1. Place a frying pan on medium heat. Add 1 tbsp. cooking oil to the pan. Place frozen apples in the pan to warm and soften. Stir them and break them up as they thaw. 2. Add 1 cup
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Apple wine may be made from using fresh apples, apple sauce, dried apples, frozen apple concentrate, apple cider, and even apple juice. It may also be made by using a combination of some of the above. For more information look here: Used for apple wine or pear wine ;
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