How do you make apple wine from fresh apples?


An easy recipe for Apple Wine calls for 1 gallon water, 6 lbs apples, 1 lb chopped up raisins and 3 lbs sugar. The apples are boiled with the water, sugar is added and then it must ferment for several days. Check out this link for a detailed recipe.
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1. Purchase apple cider. It is important that the cider does not contain preservatives such as sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate, as they will interfere with the fermentation process
First you must juice the apples. You want the juice, not the pulp. Once you have collected the juice, ferment the sugars to alcohol with active brewers yeast (roughly 1-2 weeks) Once
The end result is somewhat less likely to give you heavy metal poisoning in the case of apple pie.
Here's a good recipe you can try:…. Source(s) You might want to bookmark this site: for future reference regarding
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Apple wine may be made from using fresh apples, apple sauce, dried apples, frozen apple concentrate, apple cider, and even apple juice. It may also be made by using a combination of some of the above. For more information look here: Used for apple wine or pear wine ;
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