How to Make Candle Wax?


There are several options the do-it-yourself-er has in making a premium candle wax. There is the natural beeswax, paraffin, and stearin. For more information look here:;
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1. Choose the specific type of wax you want to work with. Paraffin has a medium melting point and is great for general use. Bees wax is more expensive than paraffin, however, it burns
If your wax problem is on a heat-safe, non-porous surface, you are in luck. Warm the wax splotch with the heat from your hair dryer. Use the lowest setting that is effective. Once
I believe you would like to put a texture on the outside of a pillar candle, since wax is liquid and therefore has no texture until it solidifies in a mold of some sort. The easiest
1 So, to melt & shape your own personal candle, you have to go buy some wax. Any wax will do : paraffin, beeswax, etc. Ad 2 Set up a double boiler. (A.K.A a pot with boiling water
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