How do I make my dog more protective?


Dogs are naturally protective of their masters and family because they are with them all the time. To make them even more protective, you should limit the number of people the dog comes in contact with. Making a Dog More Protective
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It is always better to try to prevent disease than to try and treat it. The key to preventing Lyme disease is tick control. The best products on the market to protect your dog from
1. Give your children some space. Keep dogs contained in certain rooms while children are around. 2. Surround your children with examples of nonthreatening dogs. Look through magazines
Umm. Maybe by feeding the dogs just a tad more than usually! :
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The best ways to make your dog more protective is to limit his or her contact with people outside those you wish to be under protection. Those who wish to be protected need to show the canine love and attention. Would you protect those you love or those who neglect you?
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