How to Make Someone Cry?


It isn't difficult to make a sensitive person cry. You should not do this on purpose however! Sensitive people or frustrated people may cry when provoked to anger or they may cry out of sadness and depression. Deliberately making someone cry is something you should avoid.
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1. Let the person know that you are reading this article called "How to Make People Cry" for the sole purpose of bringing them to tears. This may hurt the person's feelings
You can write some very loving meaningful poetry that is sure to make someone cry. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Well, You could kick them in the groin. You can insult them and call them names. you can threaten them. you can kill all their family. lock 'em' up. make them do all your homework.
1 Keep Calm. When your baby starts crying, obviously you are going to get mad and stressed out. Just keep calm and stay cool, even if its really hard too. Ad 2 Ask him why. Okay,
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How to Make People Cry
It is important to know how to make people cry in case you ever put in a variety of off-the-wall circumstances. Perhaps you really need this person to cry in order to turn the attention of some sinister guards away, or maybe you have to make someone cry... More »
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The word "bawl" as a verb means to wail or cry out, according to It signifies a loud noise uttered either for attention or to express ...
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