How do you make visible psi balls?


PSI balls are based on the belief that you can absorb energy and create a force ball. If you believe this all you need to do is focus on sucking the world's energy into your body and push it out between your hands untill it forms a ball with color.
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1. Go to a place that is quiet and where you are alone. Get comfortable. 2. Place your hands into a position where it looks like they're holding a ball. You can make the ball very
I just got a sudden visualization of my psi ball that was really real and the energy between my hands jumped from lets say 80% to 130% and at that I packed it together (once again
To make a psi ball, feel the sensation of that heat in your palms. Now move your hands apart
1 Meditate . Before you can make a psi shield you need to be relaxed and be able to fully concentrate. Ad 2 Rub your hands together to gather energy. After a while you will feel a
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You need to make a thought form and add a lot of concentration. You will need to keep working with it and projection, when you succeed others will be able to sense something happening around them.
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