How do you make wire crosses?


Making wire crosses requires assembling the proper tools and materials and deciding on a design. Wire crosses can be used for anything from jewelry to wall art.

The basic tools needed to make wire crosses are pliers and wire cutters. Choose wire appropriate to the final product, which can be anything from fine-gauge jewelry wire to barbed wire. Beads can be added to any wire cross.

The basic cross starts with a length of wire about 3.5 times the desired finished length. Fold the wire in half using the pliers. Starting at the top, start twisting the wire, leaving a loop at the top for hanging, if appropriate. After one-third of the length has been twisted, create the cross arms. Bend the wire at a right angle using the pliers. Bend it back toward the cross body, and create another right angle directly under the original. Twist the wire of the arm. Repeat the procedure on the other side. Once both arms are made, continue twisting the remaining wire to finish the cross. Use the pliers to tuck under the ends.

If desired, use additional wire to attach beads at the desired areas. Alternatively, string a bead on the wire at every twist. Another option is to make the cross thicker by wrapping the entire piece in another length of wire. The process is the same for a barbed wire cross, though gloves are needed for this project.

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