How to Get Big Hair?


To get the big hair 80's look you can bend over and brush your hair. spray your hair and flip your head back up. Style with a brush and you are ready to go!
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How to Make Your Hair Big
Volume and body in the hair makes it appear thicker and fuller, and thus healthier. Maybe you want to really amp up the volume of your hair for a Halloween costume or an '80s party, or maybe your hair just needs an extra lift. There are a wide variety of... More »
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To get big hair, start by washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo. Rinse thoroughly. You don't want any residual shampoo to weigh down the hair shaft. Go light on the conditioner
1 Flip your hair upside down and back comb the ends. Ad
Big Hair, I scoff at your idea of big hair. Excuse me, but I
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I grew up in the eighties when big hair was all the rage. We teased and combed and sprayed our hair into great big puffs that made us inches taller. The way to ...
Girls with big foreheads can fix this problem easily. One way to fix your hair to cover a big forehead is to wear your bangs down. You can also do fringe bangs ...
Several different brands make hair thickening spray. Bumble and Bumble and Big Sexy Hair are just a couple of the brands that offer such sprays. These sprays vary ...
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