How to Make Your Own Bingo Cards?


Bingo is a game that can be played by all ages. If you don't have a game you can learn how to make your own bingo cards in just a few steps. You will need cardboard, or card stock, a ruler, a marker, and scissors. Decide how many cards you wish to make and cut them into a 12 inch by 10 inch rectangle. Use the ruler to make a mark on the rectangle every 2 inches. Draw the lines across and down to form the grid. In the top squares write the word B I N G O with one letter per square. Fill the numbers in the squares using numbers 1-15 for B, 16-30 for I, 31-45 for N, 46-60 for G, and 61-75 for O. Make sure each card has different numbers and write Free Space on the center square.
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How to Make Your Own Bingo Game Cards
Whether you’re custom-designing Bingo cards for a special fundraiser or just prefer to make your own designs rather than buying generic cards from the store, you can make your own Bingo game cards with just a couple of supplies from around your... More »
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