How to Make a 3D Plant Cell Model?


To make a 3D plant cell model you only need a few items from around the house. Gather a plastic container, Ziploc bag, Jello, objects such as buttons, yarn, spaghetti, etc. to represent organelles. Prepare the Jello, place it in the bag, throw in the organelles. Seal it up and place it in the plastic container to set. The container represents the cell wall, the bag represents the membrane, the Jello is the cytoplasm, and the other objects are the organelles.
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1. Place the clear plastic bag inside the square plastic container. This plastic bag is the cell membrane. Make Jello according to package instructions and pour into a plastic container
yeah just go to michaels art supply store and get some stuff from there to use to make all the parts of inside a cell. or even just things around the house! like paint some Lima beans
You can take a Styrofoam box with no top and fill it with hair gel for the cytoplasm. Then you can use clay or play-doh to make the organelles.
CAD (computer aided design) programs are degigned for creating and rendering digital three dimensional objects. One of the PC's first CAD programs was AutoCAD, which AutoDesk released
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How to Make a Plant Cell 3D Model
Cells are the basic building blocks of life. Plant cells are complex organisms with many small parts. Unlike animal cells, plant cells have a cell wall. The plastic container represents the cell wall for this model. Understand the function of each part... More »
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