How to Make a Gas Powered Bicycle?


You need the correct equipment and a little mechanical aptitude. It is not a difficult task. If you have a few hours and the skill. You can complete the project. For more information look here: Gas Powered Bikes - Instructions and Maintenance Manual;
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1. Remove all of the components, tools and instructions for the engine kit from the box and place them in an organized manner on the floor or in a work shop so that they are accessible
1 Look at the major components This means the frame, the wheels, tires, and the handlebars. This applies to any type of bike. If you’re willing to spend the money on a new frame
Obtain a DC motor. Using a motor that is powered by DC battery power is the easiest way to power your engine with solar energy. Choose a motor that is large enough to perform the
1. Buy a propeller from a craft store or online model supply website. You can make a homemade propeller out of a popsicle stick. However, it is difficult to ensure the balance on
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