How can one make a nurse's cap?


A traditional nurse's cap is white, with a wide flared brim in the front that turns up and to the side, and usually features a large red cross on the front. All of the pieces of the cross are equal in length, as this is the internationally recognized symbol for health care or medical aid. These caps are made by folding a flat stiff cloth. The corners are then pinned at the back of the head, so that it holds snug to the hair. This style is not worn very often in modern times.
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1. Place a white fluted paper coffee filter over the crown of your head, tilted toward the back of your head. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure and protocol, remember that
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To make a nurses cap all you need is an envelope, a pair of scissors and a red crayon. In five simple steps you can have a paper nurses hat. You can find more info at:
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