How to Make Photo Quilts?


In order to make a photo quilt, you would first have to print your photos onto special fabric printer media. Trim as desired, then proceed with your quilt as normal, interchanging other fabric swatches with the photo swatches.
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Cut your fabric into 8x8 squares. I used a ruler by June Tailor that are these exact measurements, so it acts as my pattern piece and my ruler to cut with. You will need a total of
1 Choose the size of quilt you want to make. Standard bed sizes are as follows: Mattress Sizes Twin--39 x 75 inches (or 99 x 190 cm) X-Long Twin--39 x 80 inches (99 x 203 cm) Full
If you have contemplated upgrading your color inkjet printer to a laser model, you may want to hold your horses and reconsider. On a laser printer, you will not be able to print photographs
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To make a photo quilt, you will first need to have your digital photos on your computer. You will then print the photos out onto fabric sheets available for purchase ...
When you are ready to make a photo quilt, first digitize your photos and put them on your computer. Print out the photos on special fabric printer media at the ...
To make a photo quilt keepsake, you first need to gather all of the photos you want to use. For more information and detail on how to build a photo quit keepsake ...
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