How do you make a pirate bandana?


To make a pirate bandanna, you will need to cut the fabric of your choice in a 24 inch by 24 inch piece. You will need to cut the square in half diagonally first. See the link for full details.
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1. Lay your lightweight fabric out on a work surface and smooth it out. 2. Measure a square that is 24 by 24 inches - the standard size of a bandana. 3. Mark the square with a pencil
Around a ninja's neck.
1. Put the cake on a clean counter or cutting board. Using the bread knife, trim the top part of the cake off so that it is level. Cut your cake in half so that you have two 6-1/2
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It is quite easy to make a pirate bandana. Get a piece of black or desired color 24' square fabric. Sew a neat hem around all sides, press, fold diagonally, place on your face tying at the back of your head. Hello Johnny Depp!
To make a pirate bandanna you will need a black silky piece of material. You also use the same type of material for the belt so it will match. You can find more info at:
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