How do you make a pirate bandana?


To make a pirate bandanna, you will need to cut the fabric of your choice in a 24 inch by 24 inch piece. You will need to cut the square in half diagonally first. See the link for full details.
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1. Lay your lightweight fabric out on a work surface and smooth it out. 2. Measure a square that is 24 by 24 inches - the standard size of a bandana. 3. Mark the square with a pencil
1 If you want to make a big pillow, do not fold or cut. Ad 2 If you want to make your pillow fold or cut. 3 Put your bandana pattern side up and your second bandana with the pattern
Around a ninja's neck.
1. Make up the guest list and decide how many pirate party favors you will need. Be sure to make a few extra just in case. 2. Have your child decorate each bag with pirate stickers.
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It is quite easy to make a pirate bandana. Get a piece of black or desired color 24' square fabric. Sew a neat hem around all sides, press, fold diagonally, place on your face tying at the back of your head. Hello Johnny Depp!
To make a pirate bandanna you will need a black silky piece of material. You also use the same type of material for the belt so it will match. You can find more info at:
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