How do you make a plant cell model?


Go to a craft store and purchase materials, such as colored clay or other materials you might want to use. Find a plant book and a good picture of a cell you'd like to construct. Contruct a base for your model, like a piece of wood. Build a round nucelus using the materials you bought. You can find more information here:
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1. List and gather possible materials needed for the plant cell model. Find the parts of a particular plant cell in a biology textbook or borrow a library book. Common parts to plant
Use a Styrophome box
1. Peruse a science textbook or head for the stacks of your local library to pick out a detailed photograph or drawing of a cell so you have reference material. Decide between two
1. Use clay of any color to make about 80 small clay balls. Make the balls 1/2 inch in diameter. Make sure all of the balls are the same size. 2. Count out approximately 160 toothpicks
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