How do you make a plant cell model?


Go to a craft store and purchase materials, such as colored clay or other materials you might want to use. Find a plant book and a good picture of a cell you'd like to construct. Contruct a base for your model, like a piece of wood. Build a round nucelus using the materials you bought. You can find more information here:
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1. Hot glue the cereal box closed. 2. Paint cereal box light green with acrylic paint. Allow to dry for 2 hours.
i had to do that last year.i totally know how you feel. though i might be late in telling you, here's what my science teacher recommended for us: animal cell-i had to make this one)
Learning how to make a DNA model is a great way for kids to demonstrate that they understand how the various chemicals combine to form a DNA strand. Creating a DNA model is really
1. Observe your plants for a while to see in what conditions growth is favored. For example, many houseplants only flower once a year, in the spring. Relate changes in growing conditions
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How to Build a Plant Cell Model
Most students have to make plant cell models at some point in their academic careers. This activity gives students a hands-on experience with key concepts in science, offering them another way to remember and retain information. Displaying their work... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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