How to Make a Prayer Shawl?


The significance of the prayer shawl is not just in the pattern. Nor is it in whether it is crocheted or knitted. The most important aspect of the prayer shawl is that the person who makes it includes their prayers in the shawl. It is then presented as a gift to someone in need.
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1. Cast 63 stitches onto the knitting needles. The tighter the stitches, the closer the knit will be. If the stitches are loose, then the shawl will have a softer, freer feel. Either
The prayer shawl, or Tallith, is draped over the shoulders. It symbolizes God's encompassing nearness.
Knitters who are knitting prayer shawls will tell you it's a different process than simply knitting a garment. It all starts with the intention of the knitter to infuse healing, good
If you'r edoing Fiddler, you're looking at the Pale of Settlement of the Russian Empire, circa 1910. there are two garments that may be reffered to - 1) the Talit Katan (also called
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How to Make a Prayer Shawl
Prayer shawls, or healing shawls, became popular through the Prayer Shawl Ministry in 1998. They can be hand knitted or crocheted, but in this article you will find the pattern is knitted. This is a beginner level shawl and is easy to make with basic... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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