How to Make a Suction Pump?


The suction pump required depends on its application. Do you need this to extract air, water, or blackheads? 
A pump consists of a cylinder and a valve attached to the handle. You can make one from scratch using PVC pipe and basic supplies from a plumbing store. If you don't mind recycling, however, you can convert a bicycle pump:
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1. Unscrew the top cylinder portion of your bicycle pump so that the pump handle comes all the way out. Locate the piston disk, a small cup with a lip on the end of the pump. 2. Unscrew
Have your airstone in a higher place in the water column. Deep tanks put much more water pressure on pumps, and if your tank is over 18 inches deep, you should get a pump for twice
1 Cut and crimp the tubes exiting the refrigerator compressor so as to prevent gas from leaking. Ad 2 Place the compressor in an enclosed area that will prevent shocks while working
You can not make a submersible pump. It is a highly complex piece of machinery. I fix and replace them often, and believe me you would need tremendous technical knowledge and machinery
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You can make your own suction pump using coffee jars, a bicycle pump, 3-inch diameter piping, and rubber valves and stoppers. By installing the lifts on shelves of different heights, you can control the amount of water being pumped.
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