How to Make an Obd2 Scanner?


I found info on making your own OBD2 Scanner. You need to purchase the interface and cables and can build it for around $15. Pretty cheap, huh? For more information look here:;
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plug it in and follow the directions
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1. Line up a laser pointer so the light beam passes through a lens; break off the stem of a wine glass to serve as the lens, or use a cylindrical lens. 2. Turn on a digital camera
An obd reader can run you as little as fifty bucks to several hundred I picked up an actron obd 2 from autozone fifty bucks ready to use and has a cd you can download on your computer
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How to Build an OBD2 Scanner
OBD2 is an upgraded version of the OBD1 connection port that links to a vehicle's central computer. This computer contains information about your vehicle's performance. To access the information from your car's computer, you need to build a scanner that... More »
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