How to Melt Gold at Home?


In order to melt gold safely at home you will need a welders mask, a soldering iron, heat resistant gloves, and a crucible. A crucible can be purchased online easily for around ten dollars. Put the crucible in a fireplace area and point the soldering iron at the gold until it melts. The gold will melt at around 2000 degrees.
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1. Establish an area to serve as the workshop, preferably a garage with no carpet to possibly catch fire. Ensure you have enough room to work in with adequate ventilation and a sufficiently
1. Get your scrap. gold. material. Make sure you're working with real gold! See. How to Tell if Gold Is Real. Ad. 2. Place in crucible. Since gold melts at almost 2000 degrees Fahrenheit
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Your torch and a small ceramic crucible should do it. You'll also need a mold to pour the molten metal into.
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