How to Play Spades?


Spades is a great card game. You can play with as many as four people. Check out this great video series at Here you will find step by step instructions on how to play Spades.

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How to Play Spades
Spades is a partnership card game that is usually played with four players in which the goal is to take as many tricks as possible. Pick up tricks and play Spades with tips from a gaming specialist in this free video on card games.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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Learn how to play Spades if you want to enjoy a fun, challenging card game. Spades uses a standard 52-card deck of playing cards, without the Jokers. The cards are ranked with Aces
1. Divide four people into two teams of two, and sit down at a table with each teammate opposite (not next to) the other. 2. Decide on the rules. Because the "house rules"
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To play spade you need a deck of cards. Play with four people, partners sitting across from each other. Spades are trump and the cards range from A to 2, high ...
Spades is a20th century American card game which has a number of variations. The most common version of spades is the four-player game. You can play spades online ...
You play the game spades with cards. Each person is dealt a number of cards. Each person than bids as to how many tricks they can take. The highest bid must take ...
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