How do you preserve driftwood?


There are several things you can use to preserve driftwood depending on your preference. You can try using a Minwax sealer followed by a Mat poly spray by Krylon or another poly spray. Preserving Driftwood
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1. Smooth the surface of the driftwood. Sand down the surface using 220-grit sandpaper to remove any roughness in the texture. Sand off any broken ends to create a smooth, rounded
1 Buy driftwood for taxidermy. Taxidermists often use larger pieces of driftwood to mount their hunting trophy specimens, or for scenes that have been created to recreate natural
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Drift wood can be sold depending on the beauty by the buyers opinion some dedicated buyers will pay as much as 300$ for drift wood.
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How Can I Preserve Driftwood?
If you have returned from the beach with a gorgeous piece of driftwood, you will want to know how to preserve it so that you may display it in your home. Driftwood is often home to termites, ship worms and bacteria that eat away at it. You will want to... More »
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Driftwood is one of those things better left alone. Anything you try to put on the driftwood will change the appearance you are trying to preserve. Just set the piece out in the air and sunlight to dry, it's that simple.
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