How do you put "CC" in a letter?


When writing a letter in which you wish to show a 'cc' or copy to another person, the most common, and proper, way to show a cc is at the very bottom of the letter, following the signature. You simply write 'cc: [insert the names of who is being copied on the letter]'.
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1. Draft your resignation letter. At the bottom, below the sincerely line, type "cc: person xyz, person xywz, department xyz." Include all parties that you plan to cc on
Before invention of the photocopier, carbon paper was used to create duplicates of documents by placing it between the original document and a blank piece of paper so that an image
At the bottom left, under your signature.
If they literally said "Nope, conflict of interest" it means they have an existing client who would preclude them either (a) being adverse to whomever you were talking with
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