How do you read a Chevy VIN number?


Each character of the VIN represents something different. The 1st identifies the country where the auto was manufactured. The 2nd identifies the manufacturer. The 3rd identifies the vehicle type or manufacturing division. The 4th through the 8th is the Vehicle Descriptor Section which identifies attributes of the auto like the model series, engine type and body style. The 9th is the check digit which is used to identify the VIN's accuracy. The 10th id's the model year. The 11th identifies the plant where the auto was assembled. The 12th through the 17th are used to ID a specific vehicle. It ID's the order the car rolled off the assembly line
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1. Locate the VIN plate. Vehicles made after 1981 are required by law to have the VIN on the interior dashboard just below the driver's side corner of the windshield. You may also
First digit is Divisional code. Next 4 are Body style code. The 6th digit is Model year. The 7th digit is the Plant code. The last 6 are the Unit number.
How to read a VIN: 1st character - Identifies the country in which the vehicle was
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How to Read Chevy VIN Numbers
Reading the vehicle identification number (VIN) on your Chevy is easy once you've found a comprehensive chart or website to decode it. The VIN contains a lot of information about your vehicle. It is not just a random sequential serial number.... More »
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If you want to read a Chevy VIN number, you can find it in several places. The best places are the metal plate on the dash, which can be read from the outside left corner of the windshield or your vehicle registration. Each number or letter of the 17 character VIN represents something specific to that vehicle. For example, the 2nd character will identify the manufacturer, in this case a 1 to indicate Chevrolet. You can find more information here:
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