How to Read a Grade Rod?


A grade rod is used to find the difference between ground elevations. You need a level to be able to use a grade rod. The markings are in foot, tenths and hundredths of feet. For more information on reading a grade rod refer to this website:
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1. Set up as constant the Height of Instrument (HI) using a measuring tape. This is the constant level of view in a surveying project. Determine the exact HI and write it down. 2.
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it is read in tenths of a foot, engineers scale
If you are thinking about the white telescoping fiberglass rods or a grade rod that is similarly marked, the graduations are in hundredths of a foot. The large numbers are feet,
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How to Read a Grade Rod
The earth is hardly flat, and surveyors in construction overcome this in building projects by flattening the ground into a specific level, or grade, using tools such as a grade rod. Used with a level and grade stakes, a grade rod measures the difference... More »
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A grade rod is set in increments of feet, tenths of feet, and hundredths of feet. Start at a known point of height. Then, check the difference at a new point.
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