How do you remove perm or chemicals from your hair?


The method to remove a perm or chemicals from your hair will depend on how soon after getting the perm you want to remove it. If you decide within 72 hours or less that you don't like it, you can simply wash your hair with shampoo a few times to remove the chemicals. Remember to apply a deep conditioner with a thick texture to help weigh down the curls. If you have had the perm for some time, you can try a hot oil massage, hair straightening, or simply get a hair cut.
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How to Remove a Perm or Chemicals From Your Hair
Perms are a popular, trendy way to alter the natural structure of your hair by applying a chemical or thermal treatment to it. A perm can produce curls, waves or straight hair, which can last for at least 4 to 6 weeks. During that time, new growth... More »
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