How can scratches be removed from a windshield?


To remove scratches from a windshield, you will need acrylic scratch remover. Once this dries, it will be transparent and will eliminate the appearance of scratches.
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1. Wash the outside of the windshield with a window cleaner and dry with paper towels. 2. Tape the area around the scratch using heavy paper that has been attached with masking tape
call safelite glass repair. Depending on how deep the scratches are 3M makes a polish to remove them. You use a drill and buffing wheel. I've only done this once in the past to an
You Will Need: 1.Glass Polishing Kit (Eastwood carries a quality line). 2.Drill or low speed buffer. 3.Tape. 4.Water. 1.The polishing kit will most likely include the polish and a
1. Crack open a walnut or Brazil nut. According to Good Housekeeping, the natural oil can help remove the scratches from your wood table. 2. Rub the exposed nut against the scratch
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How to Remove Light Scratches From a Windshield
Light scratches occur on windshields from flying rocks, falling branches and other sources. Allowing the blemishes to remain may lead to deeper and longer scratches. Dirt and grime become embedded, causing the the blemish to widen over time. Auto repair... More »
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