How do you replace a dryer belt?


Replacing a dryer belt requires opening the cabinet, removing the broken or worn belt and replacing it with a new one. When the belt has ribs on one side, they generally face the drum of the dryer.

On most models, belt replacement requires removal of the front panel of the machine. If the dryer has two front panels, both need to be removed. This often involves removing other parts, such as the lint trap and the door switch.

Before replacing the belt, the owner should check the tensioner pulley. If it has cracks or does not spin freely, replacement is necessary. The belt wraps around the dryer drum, motor pulley and tensioner following the manufacturer's design. The tensioner ensures the belt remains tight throughout its life. A typical setup includes the belt feeding from the top left of the tensioner pulley, under the pulley, from the left to the right when facing the machine, over the motor pulley and back under the tensioner pulley. The spring on the tensioner pulley is weak enough to allow pulling it by hand to the correct position to load the belt.

The Family Handyman recommends vacuuming the inside of the drum to remove any lint buildup before proceeding with this job. In addition to providing a cleaner workspace, eliminating dryer lint increases the machine's efficiency and prevents dryer fires.

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How to Replace a Clothes Dryer Belt
A clothes dryer belt is almost like a giant fan belt in your car. A motor turns the belt, which then turns the dryer drum, much like a fan belt turns an alternator or a power steering pump, while a dryer belt rotates your clothing inside. When the belt... More »
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