How to Save a Corsage?


To save a corsage you can keep refrigerated for about 2 week or so. Then if the corsage dies you can place in a book and preserve for a couple of months.
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Most people purchase wrist corsages from a florist, however it isn't hard to learn how to make your own floral wrist corsage. Wrist corsages are lovely and elegant flowers worn around
I sprayed my corsage from high school homecoming with aerosol hairspray, then let it dry for a few weeks. It lasted as a dried arrangement for nearly 5 years until, unfortunately,
1. Cut the rose from the stem, leaving about an 1 1/2 inches of stem remaining - this will be used to fasten the corsage. 2. Wrap the entire stem of the rose, starting at the top,
1. Set the wristlet face-up on a work surface. Cut the top four inches off three to four leatherleaf fern stems. Gather two ferns and arrange them in a cluster. Place the bottom ends
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The best way to save a corasge is to tye the flower to a hanger upside and spray with an aerosole hairspray being sure to cover every bit of the flower. Spray until dripping, it is best to do this in a dry cool place, to allow drying. The hairspray will harden the flower and add a lasting sheen.
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