How to Save a Corsage?


To save a corsage you can keep refrigerated for about 2 week or so. Then if the corsage dies you can place in a book and preserve for a couple of months.
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Most people purchase wrist corsages from a florist, however it isn't hard to learn how to make your own floral wrist corsage. Wrist corsages are lovely and elegant flowers worn around
1. Protect the stems of top-heavy blooms by supporting the stems with stem wrap. If they need extra support or more length, include your desired length of floral wire then wrap the
1. Decide on the diameter of your corsage flowers. Add 1-1/2 inches to the diameter and open the compass along the ruler until it is the right measurement. Draw a circle on the paper
1. Choose Cattleya, Cymbidium, Mokara, Aranthera or Odontoglossum orchids to use for making corsages. 2. Unwrap the orchids from any plastic wrap surrounding them immediately after
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The best way to save a corasge is to tye the flower to a hanger upside and spray with an aerosole hairspray being sure to cover every bit of the flower. Spray until dripping, it is best to do this in a dry cool place, to allow drying. The hairspray will harden the flower and add a lasting sheen.
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