How do you set a humidistat?


The recommended setting for a humidistat depends on your geographical location, but is usually between forty and sixty percent humidity. For more information look here:;
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A humidistat will either have a dial - with numbers such as 1 through 10 or percentages listed - or a digital display with buttons or a touchscreen. A homeowner can set and adjust
My dehumidistat says to set the temperature to 70 degrees.
Here is a basic chart for setting up your humidifier. Keep in mind that this a rough guide line. It primarily is for preventing condensation on windows and mold. If you have a
I don't know what sort you have, but traditionally they are made with a fiber (human or horse hair was popular) that has the property of changing it's length based on humidity. So
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How to Set a Humidistat
A humidistat works directly with the climate control system in the home to help control the interior humidity level, reducing the chance of mold or mildew occurring. The humidistat turns the air conditioner on and off based on the percentage of moisture... More »
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