How to Set up Solitaire?


To Set up Solitaire first, remove the jokers from your deck and shuffle the deck. Next, place a card face up on a surface and Stack two cards to the right of the upturned card, one facing down and the another facing up. Then, stack three cards to the right of the two cards and four cards to the right of the three cards. This should be repeated with five to seven stacks of cards. In each case, the cards should face down on top of each other, and one should be face up at the top of the stack. Finally, place the remaining cards face down in their stack, right above your first upturned card.
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1. Remove the jokers from your deck of cards and then shuffle the deck thoroughly. 2. Lay down a row of seven cards, dealing from the top of the deck. The first card in the row-the
Deal out one card straight up. Place it at the beginning of an imag...
Solitaire is set up as follows. There are seven rows of cards, from left to right these are rows 1 through 7. Each row has the amount of cards equal to the row number and the top
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How to Set Up Solitaire
If you have a computer with Windows, you probably have the classic game Solitaire installed on your computer. There may be times, however, that you don't have access to your computer to play this game---or you may simply prefer the old-fashioned method... More »
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To set up solitaire start by removing the jokers from your deck of cards, shuffle and lay them down from the top of the deck in a row of seven cards facing up. Each of these cards will form a bunch of cards that will be turned down. Number them form 1 to 7. Then lay upturned cards on column 3-7.the n place the remainder of the deck facing down. This is the deck which will be used to turn the cards when playing.
For solitaire you need a standard 52 deck of cards. After shuffling, place one card face up and then make a row of 6 cards beside it, all face down. The on the next row turn a card, face up, on the first face down card and then complete the row with 5 more face down cards. Continue this pattern until you've placed a card face up on the 7th stack. Leave room at the top of your table to place the Aces.
For the most traditional type of solitaire you use a normal deck of 52 cards and deal 7 piles. Each pile will have one more card than the previous so that the last pile has 7 cards. Turn the top card face up on each pile. This is the normal setup to start the game. Good luck.
Want to know how to set up a game of Solitaire? Okay here's how: With a deck of 52 cards, turn over one. Count six more and turn them face down, side by side, in a row. Go back to your second(face down)card and turn one face up, in top of that one and continue to the end turning them face down like before. Go back to your third card and turn one face up on top of the one that is face down, and continue on turning the cards face down until the seventh one. Keep repeating until you are at the seventh card, and then turn the last one face up. So you should six cards( face down) under the seventh card that is face up. Hope this helps!
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