How to Ship a Cake?


Cakes need to be packaged in wax paper and bubble wrap. Ship the frosting separately so that it will not make the cake wilt or soggy. Also, if transporting by car, a carrier is best.
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1. Decide on your cake size. The size of your cake will determine the shipping cost. Choose a size that fits into a budget you can afford. 2. Purchase a cake box container that fits
1. Frost the cake with a stiff icing. If shipping cake with icing, check that the icing used is the stiff kind. Cake shipping methods usually work best with cakes that use fondant
I can't think of any safe way to ship frosted cakes other than door-to-door white glove courier service. I think that if you want to ship cakes you should consider shipping the cake
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Shipping a cake has to be done carefully. There are special containers that you can ship them in. Make sure you mark it fragile so they will know to be careful ...
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