How do you skin a palm tree?


To skin a palm is a rigorous procedure left up to professionals. It requires removing the fronds all the way to the trunk of the tree. Removing the fronds will ensure rodents and insect do not find shelter in your home.
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1. Find out what type of palm tree you have by contacting your local nursery. Certain types of palm trees are self-cleaning in that the dead leaves fall off by themselves and skinning
If you don't have a palm tree growing in your back yard and don't have a blow-up palm tree hidden in the closet, you'll need to make a palm tree. Pick up several pieces of blue poster
Use a very sharp small hand saw or large sharp knife. Make a cut and start peeling it. Try to keep peeling it slowly so you come out with one large long strip. If you let these long
1 Draw two slanted vertical lines for the stem of the palm tree. Ad 2 Draw a circle on the top to be used as a guideline shape. 3 Draw six curve lines within the circle shape for
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How to Skin a Palm Tree
From Mexican Fan palm trees to Sabal palms, every palm tree looks different. As with any tree, palm trees need regular maintenance in order to keep them healthy and looking good. The removal of dead leaves or fronds from a palm tree is an important part... More »
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