How does someone start a butcher shop?


HJ Ventures notes that people who want to start a butcher shop need to have a business plan. This plan should include such information as competition, strategy and sales. Most importantly, a person must have experience in butchering, or have the knowledge to hire people who have the necessary expertise.

HJ Ventures delves further into what it takes to start a butch shop, starting with a plan to develop and finance the operation. The second half of the business plan is to implement the actual strategy. offers a forum where start-up companies can disclose business plans to find the necessary funding from potential investors.

Another key element is finding people who are qualified. According to, young butchers are finding more opportunities since the average age of owners and butchers is over 50, which means many of them are on their way to retirement. This also means that managers will have a steady supply of eager young butchers who are ready to be hired. In regards to certification, Everyday Career mentions that no technical certification is required since butchery falls under a vocational trade. For people who want to own a butcher shop and participate in daily operations, it is best to find a local butcher and become an apprentice to gain experience.

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1. Write a business plan. Put your ideas and goals on paper. Include information about your business, such as what your business is, why you do it and how it will benefit others.
1 Develop good baking skills. You absolutely need to know how to bake! If you don't, you won't to have any profits. Ad 2 Buy a shop. You need money to purchase the shop and buy the
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