How to Stop Unwanted Websites from Popping up?


When you are visiting a website the last thing you want to deal with is unwanted windows popping up. The pop up windows could be a feature of that website or it could be that your computer is infected with a virus. Many browsers allow you to turn on a program called pop up blocker. This application will prevent websites from opening other windows. You can allow trusted sites to open other windows by granting permission in your settings. If it is a virus that is opening the additional windows then you need to do a virus scan to eliminate the problem.
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1. Start Norton Internet Security. 2. Click "User Accounts. It's located on the left side of the Norton window. 3. Check for your login status. Your status will be displayed
The Windows Installer Service is trying to auto-repair an installed application. You can see what the service is actually trying to do by looking application event log (enter. eventvwr
if at the top of your page you have "tools" hit on this and it will allow you to chose to stop unwanted pop-ups
Noscript and adblock plus are both great for Firefox.
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How to Stop Unwanted Websites From Popping Up
Websites that pop up unexpectedly can be both an annoyance and a drain on your computer system's resources. Do not fret, however, since most popular browsers allow you to block pop-ups by changing the settings. Occasionally, you may find some sites... More »
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