How to Stop Unwanted Websites from Popping up?


When you are visiting a website the last thing you want to deal with is unwanted windows popping up. The pop up windows could be a feature of that website or it could be that your computer is infected with a virus. Many browsers allow you to turn on a program called pop up blocker. This application will prevent websites from opening other windows. You can allow trusted sites to open other windows by granting permission in your settings. If it is a virus that is opening the additional windows then you need to do a virus scan to eliminate the problem.
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1. Launch your Internet Explorer. 2. Select "Tools" in the main menu bar above the browser. Scroll down and choose "Pop-up Blocker. 3. Scroll over and click "Turn
1. Download the installer clean up from Microsoft and run it. 2. After installation, run the program, click next and select the program which windows installer keeps popping up for.
All internet browsers have inbuilt popup blocker or adbocker, you just have set it on. However most sites try to change your browser settings espesially internet explorer so you can
Mine has suddenly started doing this too. A required Microsoft Windows system directory, the Windows System32 directory is often located in either C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Winnt\
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How to Stop Unwanted Websites From Popping Up
Websites that pop up unexpectedly can be both an annoyance and a drain on your computer system's resources. Do not fret, however, since most popular browsers allow you to block pop-ups by changing the settings. Occasionally, you may find some sites... More »
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