How to Take Care of Pecan Trees.?


1. Select the tree's planting location. Choose a spot in anticipation of the tree's full growth, and be sure it is at least 30 feet away from any other large tree or house. The ground's soil must be deep, organic, and well-drained, and the area must
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How to Take Care of Pecan Trees
The pecan tree, scientifically named Carya illinoinensis, is the largest of the hickory trees and known for its prolific nut production. With its deciduous darkgreen full leaves, the pecan tree can grow to 70 feet or 100 feet high, making it a nice... More »
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1 Learn more about varieties of pecan trees and find out whether they can be grown within the region where you live. Consider tree strains recommended for the length of the growing
To care for apple trees plant them in an area that they will receive lots of sunlight. Keep the tree watered around every other day and pruned once a month or so.
1. Examine the pecan tree for evidence of wood-borers. Check the bark for the appearance of small oval, round or semicircular holes. Look along the sides of the holes for frass, the
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To take care of your pecan tree be sure you fertilize the base three times a year. After the third year increase the fertilizer by cup and after the fifth year ...
Caring for a Texas pecan tree is both easy and rewarding. Remember to water the pecan tree regularly, especially during a drought. If the tree is young, cut back ...
1. Plant pecan trees well away from buildings and power lines. Pecans need to be at least 60 feet from other trees because of their eventual tall growth and spread ...
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