How to Tell the Age of a Rattlesnake.?


1. Inquire at your local conservation commission, zoo, or at exotic pet stores about observing rattlesnakes in captivity during breeding and reproduction. Rattlesnakes are viviparous and give birth to live young, so you will need to observe a live
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How to Tell the Age of a Rattlesnake
Despite common myths that you can tell the age of rattlesnakes by the number of segments on their rattles, there is no way to tell the exact age of a rattlesnake just by looking at it. The only accurate way to determine the age of a rattlesnake is by... More »
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By the number of buds it has on it's rattle. A rattlesnake develops one bud every time it sheds, which is usually once every six months.
.Each time the snake sheds, it adds one additional button or segment to
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