How to Temporarily Stop Menstrual Period?


If your going on holiday and its right in the middle of your cycle, then you may want to temporarily stop your menstrual period. You can do this if you are on the pill, but its not advisable to do this more than once, but you can continue taking your next pack of pill without having a break, this way you don't get a period. After the last pack is taken make sure that you stop the pill and let your body catch up with itself.
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1. Use a notebook or journal to record information about your menstrual period. What is the typical start date? How long does it last and how heavy is it? These are important to know
Answer Dear Reader; Why and I would not advise you to do so without input from your health care provider. Some BC meds will do that and the results vary from person to person. Trauma
1 Try oral contraceptives with normal cycle regimens . Oral contraceptives (OCP's) come in a 28-day pack or a 21-day pack. You need to decide which is right for you. The 28-day pack
I give you 2 methods by which you can delay the periods. But the time is too short for you at the moment. You may consult a gynecologist and taken injections instead of oral norethisterone
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