How do you test capacitors with a multimeter?


In order to test the capacitors with a multimeter you will need to start by setting it to ohms. You will want to make sure all power is off to the capacitor before you begin testing. You will need to place both probes before getting a reading. You will get certain readings depending on the size of the capacitor. You can do more detailed testing on the capacitor by changing some of the settings on your multimeter.
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You can test a capacitor using a multimeter and two leads by placing the multimeter in ohms mode. It works best with a needle type meter, not a digital meter. Connect the leads to
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How to Test a Capacitor With a Digital Multimeter
A capacitor is a circuit component that maintains voltage and discharges current over a matter of seconds when the voltage source is switched off. That's different from a resistor, which loses voltage virtually instantaneously compared to a capacitor.... More »
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Before you begin to test capacitors with a multimeter, you should make sure there is no power going to the capacitor or it is fully discharged. You can then use your multimeter to test the capacitor. However, all this is going to tell you if the capacitor has been shorted out or is still working. Visual inspection of the capacitors is always good to do also. You can find more information at
In order to test capacitors with a multimeter you will fist need to set the multimeter to one Ohm and then put the capacitor on the end of the probe of the meter.
To test capacitors with a multimeter, you will connect one end of the capacitor to one lead from the resistor. Set the meter on high and place the test leads on the remaining cap.
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