How to Thin Correction Fluid?


If you do not use your correction fluid regularly then it can thicken up. Many companies sell a solvent dropper that you add to the fluid to thin it out. If you need a quicker solution then you can a few drops of nail polish remover to the correction fluid. You will need to start off with one to two drops until you get it to your desired consistency. Once you add the first drops you have to shake the container to mix it together.
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1. Open the correction fluid and set aside the cap and brush momentarily. 2. Pour two to three drops of nail polish remover into the correction fluid bottle. If you have trouble controlling
1 Check at an office supply store to see if the brand of correction fluid you use has an available thinner. Since each brand has its own formulation, you have to match manufacturers
Correction fluid is a liquid product designed to cover mistakes made while typing, hand writing, or photocopying markings on paper. Typically, it is applied to paper using a brush
Depends on the car.
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How to Thin Correction Fluid
A bottle of thick correction fluid serves little purpose because you cannot easily apply the white fluid to documents to fix typos. Instead of wasting the remaining correction fluid when it becomes too thick to use, thin correction fluid to restore it to... More »
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