How is a Keffiyeh tied?


A Keffiyeh is wrapped by folding it into a triangle, placing it over the head, pinching the fabric over the ear, wrapping the side around the front of the face and head and tucking it into itself; the second side is done the same way, but it is wrapped under the chin instead of around the face. When done correctly, the facial portion of the head wrap is able to be converted into a cover or put under the chin.

The Keffiyeh is typically white and black in color, and it is used as a traditional Arab head covering. This particular style is Yassir Arafat's trademark, and the wrap is meant to keep the sun out of the eyes and dirt out of the face.

According to CNN, the Keffiyeh can be a sign of political alliances. Black and white styles could be associated with Fatah, but red and white could be used to identify with Hamas; however, this isn't universal with Arabs or Palestinians.

The Keffiyeh is first and foremost a traditional cultural garment. Some say it represents pride in the Arabic heritage. It is also known as the Arab farmer's uniform, which means it may be used by those working in the fields or sandy areas.

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1. Fold your keffiyeh into a triangle. With the tip of the triangle pointing down, drape your keffiyeh over your chest. Bring the two ends of the scarf around to the back of your
you still ddn't give me best answer for those Assy pictures ; and it's done like any normal bandanna. youtube has lots of videos teaching u how to do that :
The correct way to pronounce "Keffiyeh" is "kuh-fee-uh". ChaChaON!
Things You'll Need. Halter. Lead rope (preferably made of cotton). Sturdy post. Safely finding a spot to tie. First of all you will need to find a sturdy post. The post (or rail)
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How to Tie a Keffiyeh
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