How to Train for a Triathlon in 12 Weeks?


An Olympic distance triathlon includes a 1.5km swim, a 40km bike ride and a 10km run. To train for an Olympic triathlon in 12 weeks, you should already have a solid base. Schedule these workouts into your own schedule, making one day a day of full
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1. Week 1: Run 14 miles one day, do one speed work session one day and run 5 miles on other days. 2. Week 2: Run 15 miles one day, do one speed work session one day and run 6 miles
Long runs (up to 10M) once a week, lots of
Congratulations on your decision to compete in a triathlon. I've participated in about 25 so far but I still remember my first one. I'll be glad to give you some tips based on my
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In order to train for a triathlon, you will need at least 3 solid months to prepare. Focus on one aspect of the race each week for the first month. Focus on ...
The way to prepare for a triathlon is to give yourself at least 3 months of training time. Focus on one of the three disciplines each week but start incorporating ...
You can successfully train for a 5km run within 4 weeks. Starting at 1KM runs for the first week, adding an extra 1-2 KM per week, till you feel you are running ...
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