How to Treat Founder in Horses?


Founder, also known as laminitis is very dangerous for horses and must be treated as soon as you notice your horse having the symptoms. There are many ways to treat a horse for flounder, but it depends on how serious the condition is. Some ways to treat a horse with flounder is by gradually putting the horse on a diet, giving it plenty of liquids, a pain killer, a soft ground to rest in, and administering antibiotics.
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Technically, laminitis occurs when the hoof tissue binding the wall to the bones - the laminae - become inflamed. Founder occurs when the laminae break down and the horse's coffin
My horse foundered a few years ago, but is doing really well now! you need to find a good vet that you trust! It's going to take time, but if the first signs are just starting to
Well you can give it painkillers, make sure there stalls bedded lots, watch what you feed them (not to much) and you make sure you keep up good hoof care for them. You can remedy
1 Decide what your horse likes and dislikes. Many horses like carrots and some prefer apples. Sometimes it is better to try a carrot or an apple on different occasions, if the horse
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