How to Treat Hyperpigmentation?


There are a few different treatments to help you with hyperpigmentation. There are some affordable bleaching agents available. You can also have some microdermabrasion treatments done. For more information look here: Ways to treat hyperpimentation;
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1. See a doctor to determine what caused your hyperpigmentation. If you have a disease or a drug interaction that is causing the problem, skin bleaching creams may not be indicated.
1 Know the different types of hyperpigmentation. Getting familiar with the types of hyperpigmentation will help you determine the right course of treatment and give you ideas for
Have your skin condition evaluated. The best candidates for Intense Pulsed Light treatment of hyperpigmentation will have a Fitzpatrick Skin Type of one to four. The areas of dark
Because it's an uncertainty as to whether either the IPL or the PDL laser would help clear out PIH, it's worth a small test spot in the area of the PIH to see if either technique
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Hyperpigmentation Treatments
A doctor may also suggest laser treatments. Home care sometimes includes over-the-counter medications, which may fade dark spots. These medications do not contain as much hydroquinone as prescription medications. Home care also includes the use of... More »
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