How to Treat Red Bug Bites?


To treat red bug bites, you can take an antihistamine like Benadryl to help deaden the itching. There are antibiotics that can be taken if the bites become infected.
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1. Remember it is easier to avoid a bite than to treat it. Avoid dark places since spiders tend to hang out in them. Also, to prevent mosquito and gnats from bothering you when you
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To treat the itch from a bug bite, use an over-the-counter steroid cream or antihistamine
It sounds as if you have the start of blood poisoning from the nice insect that bite you. I suggest that you go to a doctor as soon as possible. If left to long it could have serious
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Red bugs are also known as chiggers. Their bites are itchy and irritating, and can last up to two weeks. Wash the affected areas with soap and water. Apply some Calamine lotion to reduce itching. Avoid scratching as it can damage your skin.
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