How to Treat an Infected Burn?


To treat an infected burn, cover the wound with a cotton pad and wrap a bandage securing the cotton pad on the wound. Clean the wound regularly with soap and water and change the cotton pad every two days.
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1. Cover the wound with a medical-grade cotton pad. 2. Wrap the wound in gauze to hold the cotton pad securely, but not so tight as to affect circulation. 3. Change the gauze and
It's advisable to learn how to treat a chemical burn before you are actually in the position of dealing with the situation, since a chemical burn responds best to immediate treatment
It sounds like a 3rd degree burn. It does not sound infected, but burns are very prone to getting infected. If it continues to get worse you should get it assessed. Keep using Neosporin
1. The first thing to do with your cat if it has an eye infection is to take it to the vets and to find out what kind of infection it is. There are a variety of infections that a
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How to Treat an Infected Burn
Burns are serious injuries that must be handled delicately and carefully. If a burn area becomes infected, the infection can spread and become much more serious than the original burn. You can take a number of steps to treat an infected burn.... More »
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If you have an infected burn you should go to a doctor and have him look at it and tell you how to take care of it. Burns that are infected are very serious. Meanwhile keep it clean and apply an antiseptic cream to it cover it. Burns can cause complications when infected.
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