How do I Turn a Fraction Into a Percent?


To turn a fraction into a percent you should divide numerator by the demoninator. If you have a fraction of 2/3 then you would divide 2 by 3.
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1. Multiply the whole number portion of the percent by the denominator of the fractional part. For example, with 5 1/2 per cent, multiply 5*2 = 10. 2. Add this product to the numerator
To convert a fraction to percent, divide the numerator (which also means top number) by the denominator (which also means bottom number) Example: To convert the fraction 3/4 to percent
Divide the percent by 100. If the percent is a whole number, simplify the fraction.
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To turn a fraction into a percent, first divide the bottom number of the fraction into the top number. Take the number you get and multiply it by 100. The answer ...
An easy way to turn fractions into percents is done by calculator. Grab your calculator and say if its 7/12 (seven twelths) , on your calculator type in 7 divided ...
The easiest way to turn a percent into a fraction is to drop the percent sign, put the number over 100 and then reduce it into lowest terms. ...
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